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I'm really not doing much of anything at work these days, except getting through what has to be done immediately, browsing online, and pondering what to do with my career. I have some possibilities that are all up in the air right now, and an offer that sounds good, but not great. Admitting out loud recently that I think I don't like litigation was a major first step, but in some ways I'm even more confused because I don't feel like I have many other options. I'm getting to the point, also, where I need the financial stability in order to do the things I want to do, like have a child, but the idea of staying on this career path seems like being locked in a dungeon.

I'm also not doing much else. I was happy last week to have dinner with one friend, and then spend Saturday afternoon with a dear friend who I never get to see enough of, and then Sunday wandering about with C and seeing my family, but that's all for my social/personal life. I'm not drawing, or knitting, or taking dance classes, or going to the gym, or anything. I think I'm in some high-functioning level of depression. It's not making my life particularly difficult, but it's preventing me from doing something more to make me happier.
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