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Keeping Busy

I can't believe how busy I have suddenly become. I like it some, but it scares me because I took this job in part because I didn't want to be so busy all the time and I was really enjoying the slower pace. What I like about being busy is that I'm getting a lot of work done, and I feel very productive and accomplished. I'm getting to go all over the country to take my first depositions, and that's an exciting professional development. I'm also busy because I'm trying to do other enriching things, like take a class on trademark law, work out with a trainer once a week, and get to the gym more.

What I don't like about being busy is that I feel like my house is a hotel. I have half unpacked suitcases from my last few trips lying around the house. I never cook any more, and if C. doesn't take care of the cleaning up and laundry it just doesn't happen. I don't like having to rely on him for that because I know he doesn't like doing it any more than I do. I barely have time to see him let alone see my friends. I get to watch some TV, but haven't been to a movie, a play, or a museum in weeks.

In other news, I'm extremely excited that my very closest friend is moving back to New York soon, and I really can't wait for her to be here. I hope I have time to see her.
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