Ivy (ivy68) wrote,

Accessories Make Me Happy

A month or so ago I went a little eBay crazy and started bidding on two rings. Naturally, I won both auctions even though, strictly speaking, I did not need two big, emerald cut cocktail rings. OK, I didn't even need one. But something lately has been driving me towards rings with big stones, perhaps because I didn't have an engagement ring when I got married last year, and buying me jewelry is not one of the ways C. likes to show his love. Fine, I decided, I will please myself and buy myself a little prezzie.

The first ring arrived by mail today. It's a gold setting, sort of fluted in a Deco kind of way, with a 6 carat or so rectangular aquamarine. It's really clear and lovely, even nicer than it was in the picture. I had been a little nervous about buying it, but now that it's here I'm delighted. I feel like a grande dame, which is a nice feeling to have on a snowy day when I'm wearing my big waterproof boots and a sweater. I predict it will be a nice thing to have around when I need a bit of glam.

Now someone should just invite me to a party to which I can wear it.
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