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Warning -- contains whining

Work has been nice and manageable for the last few weeks -- until today. Suddenly I'm back in the morass. Deadlines appearing from left and right, partners dumping a bunch of little things they don't feel like dealing with that add up to a lot for me, secretaries who lose entire files, and some big assignments that I'd feel overwhelmed by due to the short schedule even if I were more experienced at handling them.

In short, I have two big projects to finish this week, plus I have to take a deposition outside of Philadelphia on Thursday. I'm not certain what the deposition is going to be about, and I'm feeling like I'll have a very hard time getting ready for it. Plus, frankly, I'm not feeling very much in the mood to get on an early train so I can be there by 9:30am. And then the following week it's more of the same, only two days of it. And there are other things due next week as well. I can't imagine how it's all going to get done.

Then, of course, I feel guilty about complaining. This is my job after all, and they pay me well to do it. I just always have a hard time revving myself up after a period of relative calm. I hope I get there this time.
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