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I'm at work today. Working on a weekend doesn't even faze me any more, though it's been a few weeks since I've had to. Actually, it gives me something to do. I've found myself in a rut lately, where nothing really interests me to do. I envy C (my husband) who seems to love his work, even when it's driving him crazy. I like being a lawyer, especially when I'm actually doing something, rather than just treading water, but I miss the theater more and more. We went to the annual party for C's department at grad school, and it just struck me at how envious I am of everyone who stayed in it. I'm also envious of the ones who are still in school. I definitely wasn't able to realize how lucky I was while I was there. I think that would be the case no matter how old or experienced I was when I was in school. There's always something I could have done better in hindsight. Still, I think grad school is better the older you are.

I really need to pursue going back to school, getting the PhD and writing the copyright book. I think, even with all the politics and insanity, I'd prefer academia to law firm life. It's such a lot to bite off, though, and such a long haul. I must set goals, get some applications and talk to some departments about creating a program for me that makes sense.
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